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Biomedical: CV

Alpha Tech in the Biomedical Industry

The biomedical industry provides us with products that improve our everyday lives. In the area of biomedicine, Alpha Tech's interest is particularly focused on product development of treatment delivery systems and cosmeceuticals, as well as investigatory research.


May 1, 2024

The Alpha Tech antiviral product coined "Jx" prevents cold sores in mice when treated 3X per day and up to 9-days post-treatment. The CDC and John's Hopkins estimate that half to 80 % of the United States population suffers from cold sores.


Jx has also been classified by NIH as 'highly active' against three strains of HPV, a virus that has no treatment and causes cancer.


The magic of nanotechnology enables the product to fit seamlessly into commercial lip products with only a slight alteration to color and texture. 

At present, we are working on a publication in collaboration with NIH, medical doctors, and academic researchers to present our findings to date. We are seeking pharmaceutical partnerships and private investment and look forward to getting our products on the shelves soon. 

At Alpha Tech, we don't want you to wake up worrying about a cold sore, we don't want you to worry your infection may become cancer, we want you to "get your life back." 

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