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Alpha Technology, LLC

Engineers and scientists focused on technical innovation, quality design, and applied development for industry.

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Innovative Technical Solutions: Design, Development, and Prototyping 

At Alpha Tech, fundamental science and engineering form a foundation for product innovation and modernization.

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Alpha Tech is currently field testing an impressive new tool to improve the efficiency of well operations.

At Alpha Tech promising new technology for combating microbes is currently in development. 


Alpha Tech has delivered and installed equipment for production of innovative armor materials. Alpha Tech has also added industrial sewing equipment to its capabilities, enabling manufacture of blast-proof coolers for military use. Future efforts include innovation of military-patented technology and materials to enhance protection for our armed forces and equipment to simplify life overseas.

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Technology innovation in our lab is driven by industrial need. At Alpha Technology, LLC, our team is here to solve your problems using fundamental understanding and modern technology with a results-focused team. Please contact us with your product or manufacturing needs.

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